BX Verse PDC

Production data collection and quality data capture for SAP Business One

BX Verse PDC

What Does BX Verse PDC Do for Your Business?


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Quick and accurate production data collection


Fast and accurate production data collection makes it easy to report the resources used in production processes (work hours, machines, materials, operations), report completed jobs and products, and implement quality control operations accurately.

The transparent user interface, which avoids unnecessary operations, supports the logic of data collection and serves the convenience of the employees. Therefore it significantly contributes to the rapid learning and successful introduction of the use of BX Verse.


Quality data capture



The inspector can collect quality assurance data using a simple tablet or terminal. You can generate log entries for quality control activities by assigning various preset parameters to SAP Business One production order operations. You can document the measurement of the defined parameters in the available fields and qualify the completed piece or operation.