BX Booster Production

Integrated production planning solution for more efficient manufacturing


BX Production Booster

What Does BX Production Booster Do For Your Business?



    Smart production with    production operation concept

The BX Production Booster complements the basic SAP Business One production module with the production operation concept, which makes smart production possible without implementing a complex manufacturing addon.

BX Production Booster improves the production module applicability with a number of useful functions and opens the door to supply enhanced solutions for manufacturing companies.


Upgrade options for higher level of production

With the help of BX Production Booster it is possible to achieve a higher level of production planning. You can upgrade to BX Novel Production, which is a solution with different extended production features (extended resource and item list, extended operations etc.).

It is also possible for You to use BX POEM APS with an upgrade. BX POEM APS assists in advanced production planning and scheduling and production optimization for maximum efficiency.

BX Production Booster also contributes to the implementation of BX Verse PDC. Accurate and fast documenting of production information is essential for the efficient use of resources, for improving the control of production processes, and thus for reducing costs.


Easy-to-use solution with one-click maintenance

BX Production Booster supports production managers with an easy–to–use  transparent Production Order Cockpit.

BX Production Booster is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use software solution.