What BX POEM Does For Your Business?



      Universal combination of MRP, APS and visualization

Unique combination of MRP, APS and high level visualization enables production planners to compare production plans and execution on an exact but flexible way.

The combination of SAP Business One and BX POEM is a comprehensive production planning solution with which you can easily plan, optimize and organize your production and connected business processes.

BX POEM displays correlations on the planning board graphically, making the planner’s work much easier and quicker.


Optimal plan with artificial intelligence

The software produces optimal plan with planning optimal capacity load and creation of production sequence and dates. The artificial intelligence based planning algorithm creates and compares thousands of valid production plans in every minute. Among these plans, the most appropriate or the most cost-effective plan will be chosen considering  the user defined aspects and conditions.

With real-time and up-to-date planning BX POEM makes it possible to make quick and properly backed decisions to prevent or solve unexpected situations and problems coming up during production.


Always executable production plan, flexible application

The planning algorithm makes it sure that there is always a valid and executable plan. BX POEM can make the scheduling in real time, and it can apply the effects of the constraints and conditions to the production plan.

The planner can see all the effects before finishing the changes, and they can be sure that the plan on the screen is still valid and executable.

BX POEM is automatically getting information on shop-floor events (for example PDC and automatic feedbacks, the process of the jobs or delays and machine problems) and the effects of all these can be considered in the actual production plan.