BX Novel Production

Integrated production planning solution for more efficient manufacturing


BX Novel Production

What Does BX Novel Production Do for Your Business?



      Ready for industrial     digitalization

BX Novel Production provides a fully integrated and easily customizable production planning tool for companies who want to meet the demands of industrial digitalization and use SAP Business One. The design and new generation architecture of the program provides many benefits for its users

Easy to integrate with other systems and with its flexible customization BX Novel can easily be adapted to the changing needs of business processes.


Straight way to APS

The combination of BX Software products covers a wide range of manufacturing companies' diverse needs.

Combining BX Novel Production with BX Verse PDC and BX POEM APS provides a complex solution package for manufacturers that allows you to use many forward-looking features integrated into SAP Business One.

BX Novel Prodcuction

Main advantages of BX Novel Production

  • Extended resource and item list
  • Extended operations
  • Enhanced serial and batch number management
  • Outsourcing
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Project-based production