BX Manufacturing

What BX Manufacturing Does For Your Business?


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An easy-to-implement integrated solution

BX Manufacturing is a flexible and sizeable branch specific solution for simple and complex production as well, significantly expanding production functions of SAP Business One.

Ten years of implementation and customization experience made it a solid straightforward solution with clear and consistent function set. User tables, user defined fields, SAP UI forms, user queries, and SAP DI API.

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Automated manufacturing resource scheduling

The add-on extends SAP Business One with implementation of a single concept: "manufacturing resource". It covers manufacturing resource planning from capacity calendars, homogenous resource management, to automated scheduling, MRP, delay management and rescheduling, etc.

The add-on’s main strength is fully configurable automated production resource scheduling, while the manual rescheduling is also completely possible

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Improving cost efficiency and production quality

The capacity of manufacturing resources (machines, labour, tools) can be scheduled for an optimal performance to maximize the throughput. Optimized resource usage improves cost efficient manufacturing and production quality.

Capturing shop floor production data makes possible monitoring bottlenecks and early detection of potential delays. Normative operation times can be adjusted and refined by analyzing PDC data. Quality control issues can be identified early in the production process and adjustments can be applied just in time.