Mobile, Barcode Solution for SAP Business One

BX Software Mobile Application Approach

The incredible popularity of mobile (wide area) and wireless networks as well as thousands of mobile devices from smart phones, through inexpensive tablets up to powerful ultra slim portable notebooks challenged software solution developers to exploit this new widely available and affordable media to deliver mobile

applications that can be easily integrated in the business processes of companies. BX Software has elaborated a systematic architecture, development methodology and toolset (collectively called BX Mobile Framework) for all its mobile applications.



No Limits in Mobility

  • Scalable - HANA-optimized and Cloud-ready architecture
  • Simple-to-Implement - Especially for small companies a single service broker can deliver high performance transaction processing with minimal administration even when deployed on-premises
  • Unbreakably Robust (No Runaway Threads any More) - The business logic is implemented as strictly stateless services; service broker can be restarted in seconds, whitout the remote mobile client realizing any service restart in case of failure.
  • Utterly Fast Mobile Clients (No Browsers, No Java Scripts) - All BX mobile solutions have been implemented as native applications (downloadable via Google Play Store or Apple Store) to get the most versatile, quick-to-use, interactive and responsive.
  • Mobile Platform Look-and-Feel (No Simplistic, Platform Agnostic User Interface) – The layered architecture of mobile applications consists of a platform-specific (Android, Apple, Windows) user interface, a platform-independent application logic layer, and strictly stateless business logic services
  • Off-Line operability (On Device Database) – The architecture of mobile applications makes the development of off-line operability straightforward. 

BX Mobile Applications

BX Software is specialized in manufacturing, project and warehousing solutions. Our team has an immense working experience in implementing solutions for these business processes. This experience gives a sound foundation that our mobile applications precisely and seamlessly fit into the regular manufacturing, warehousing and project work flows. Our goal is  to deliver genuinely valid, practical, new solutions in management and administration of manufacturing processes that make the completion of complicated jobs simpler, more accurate and a lot faster than before.

  • BX Mobile Warehouse – an extremely simple mobile bar-code scanning solution for warehouse workers using plain SAP Business One 9 as backbone.
  • BX Mobile Worker – a straightforward mobile resource (work hours, used capacities, costs, materials) consumption reporting application for (start/stop stopwatch) workshops, on-the-road service people, and a number of other groups of people in an organization.
  • BX Mobile QC – a powerful easy-to-use customizable and highly configurable mobile application to collect quality assurance data for SAP Business One documents including production orders, warehouse transfers, goods receipts, etc.
  • BX Mobile PDC for BX Manufacturing – a versatile mobile real-time (stopwatch) production data capture application for the BX Manufacturing (formerly BX Core/PPS, also known as variatec Core) add-on.
  • BX Mobile TMC for variatec Projects – a mobile work hours and material reporting application for the variatec PRO/MRO add-on.