Breakthrough in the production software solutions market!

With innovations and decades of professional experience, VariaTech Consulting Kft. has proven to be a leader solution provider for manufacturing, logistics and trading companies, and now applying artificial intelligence is a major breakthrough in the manufacturing solutions market.

In response to technological advances and new challenges created by Industry 4.0, BX Software has come up with a complex solution for SAP Business One to meet high-level expectations with ease by providing state-of-the-art industry-specific functionality.

With our complex, integrated software package specifically designed for manufacturing companies you can track production processes and resource usage, create and optimize production plans instantly, and automate documentation of operations performed. Thanks to our innovative solutions, idle times are reduced significantly and - with less cost and without the expansion of resources - you can achieve precise delivery.



BX POEM APS – Intelligent Production Planning and Optimization (APS) solution for SAP Business One. Artificial intelligence-based optimization for maximum efficiency, outstanding functionality and visualization for flexible practical application.


BX Verse PDC – Real-time production data collection for accurate production and product tracking, effective quality control to reduce rejects and increase competitiveness.


BX Novel Production –Manufacturing solution for companies with high-level and unique needs, which perfectly manages both in-house and outsourced production.


BX Production Booster –Opens the way for the possibility of perfect production: excellent data synchronization to BX POEM APS, and allows the use of BX Verse PDC and BX Novel Production.