New international product manager at Variatech Consulting Kft.


New international product manager at Variatech Consulting Kft.

A new product manager participates in the latest developments of BX Software from March, who is Miklós Németh. Variatech Consulting Ltd.’s new expert have many years of experience in the worldwide markets.

Miklós Németh has a history of more than two decades in the field of international ICT solutions workfield. He worked on banking, e-commerce projects for many years, but his 14 years of experience was decisive in the world of ERP systems.

He represents the BX software from the end of March, with the primary goal of coordinating brand innovation, to ensure that products that require higher technical know-how gain strength in the market.

It was important in the selection process that Miklós had already worked for the company before and he has extensive experience and excellent results in his work. In addition, he can be easily fit into the corporate culture.

Why Variatech Consulting?

Variatech's products are truly promising, with state-of-the-art technology, thus provide the opportunity for a product manager to succeed. Among the companies operating in similar area, I find Variatech as the most advanced in development and innovation. Last but not least, in the field of manufacturing systems, I can work with really great team in the SSP world, where the development team has been expanded significantly - says Miklós Németh on his appointment.

Variatech is confident that they found a near perfect person for the job, and they can continue to work together on the success of BX Sofware product line.